Solder Mask for PCB with the award-winning SUSS JETxSM24 Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printing means fewer process steps compared to traditional solder mask coating or Laser Direct Imaging (LDI). Photo and development processes are eliminated as is the need for full surface flooding. This speeds up production while reducing waste, material and energy consumption.

JETxSM24 Inkjet Printer

Achieve more with less:
Your benefits

  • Integrates High-Mix Low-Volume (HMLV) and Low-Mix High-Volume (LMHV) production
  • Slims down operations and speeds up manufacturing
  • Delivers a rapid return on investment

Up to

0 nozzles


  • Aligns with current Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies
  • Reduces waste and minimizes environmental impact
  • Applies material only where it's needed

Up to

0 % material saving


  • Five micrometer coating thickness accuracy
  • Additive manufacturing that reaches the edge of the copper
  • Superior circuit board quality

Up to

0 billion drops per panel

Product Video

Watch our experts explain the device and introduce the technology.

A revolution in PCB coating: Three easy steps

The SUSS JETxSM24 reduces the process of PCB coating from several production steps down to just three

Three circles connected with dottend lines
  • Loading and board reading
  • Alignment on four or more points
  • Computation of image
  • Printing
  • UV bump
  • Unloading

Boost Your PCB Manufacturing with JETxSM24 FE Software

Printing jobs created by JETxSM24 FE provide the PCB manufacturer with supreme control on solder mask coating parameters like feature size and thickness. The JETxSM24 FE operates according to computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) principles, making its printing jobs directly available to the tool on the manufacturing floor. This ensures the best possible result even without specific operator skill and experience. Software updates make your JETxSM24 future-proof for many years to come.

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